Stress is a physico -psychological reaction to the fast-forward pace of our lives. Our bodies are designed to protect us whenever a threat appears by releasing hormones that power our capacity for response. This is usually called “fight or flight” mode.

In ancient times this happened rarely; when a person was faced with imminent danger, such as if a wild animal approached his home. Today, our life is filled with situations were we feel threatened or fearful thus telling our body to release specific hormones and go into a “fight or flight” mode.This means that this “alarm” system is rarely turned off and this is the reason that Stress Management is crucial. Over time high levels of stress lead to numerous health problems.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute, American Institute of Stress, NY at a research done on April 27th, 2015 the asked “What percent of people experience work related stress? how much does stress effect our society?”

77% Percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

73% Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress

33% Feel they are living with extreme stress

48% Feel their stress has increased over the past five years

76% Cited money and work as the leading cause of their stress

48% Reported lying awake at night due to stress

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Physical symptoms

51% fatigue

44% headache

34% upset stomach

30% muscle tension

17% teeth grinding

15% change in sex drive



Psychological symptoms

50% Irritability or anger

45% feeling nervous

45% lack of energy

35% feeling as though you could cry


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Genius Yoga

This blend of yoga and mental relaxation is designed to access the 95% of the mind that remains blocked to us when we normally use the 5% of our mind in analytical thought, and to experience greater access to creative solutions in our life.  In this practice we access our own deep intelligence at the subconscious level through breath, focus and movement, and expand our awareness of the body. This awakens the neurological paths that allow the body’s systems to perform optimally in a coherent way and to activate an elevated awareness. This practice is performed with slow, stepwise motion and instruction. It brings about a mind-body experience that creates:

  • a relaxed alertness and clarity for sustained concentration
  • relief from distracting emotions and habits
  • healing conditions for our mental, emotional and physical bodies