“Beyond the limits” – a project with Motivate Yourself team and SOLARIMPULSE

2 pioneers flying around the world in a solar airplane, to promote clean technologies

The future is clean, the future is green...

If an airplane can fly day and night without fuel, everybody could use the same technology and improve the quality of life

« A giant step forward, sending a strong message to people around the world.»

Ban Ki-moon (UN secretary general)


Motivate Yourself team is working closely with Bertrand Piccard in order to help him increase vigilance, focus and a coherent state of being. With a variety of self-regulation techniques our team is committed to assist the pilot, and Chairman of the SOLARIMPULSE project, through the tough and extreme circumstances he is experiencing while flying as well as when he is managing the SOLAR IMPULSE project.

Using spinal breathing, HeartMath techniques, Heart Imagery, awareness exercises and static Tai Chi our aim is to improve his ability to manage his mental, emotional and physical state of being. This will allow him to make clear decisions under extreme stress, perform optimally throughout the project and reduce fatigue.

Daniel, Agathi and SI TEAM Hawaii training Apr 8, 2016
Daniel and Agathi teaching Bertrand Piccard and SOLARIMPULSE team in Hawaii.

Agathi,-Bertrand-and-Daniel-web Daniel and Agathi together with Bertrand Piccard, at the SOLARIMPULSE offices, Innovation Park in Lausanne.