Daniel Mitel, BSc, BA, MBA

Daniel Mitel is a world-wide known international lecturer, author and Martial Arts Master  (Tai Chi Master and Karate Traditional Black Belt 5 DAN in WJKA – World Japan Karate Association). Through his workshops and conferences Daniel has changed the lives of thousands of people. After studying for years with Tibetan Monks,  Daniel wrote two widely read self-motivational books: “This Now Is Eternity” and “Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment”.

Daniel has an extensive academic background: B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, B.Econ. (Hons.), Diploma in Management and MBA from Open University Business School, UK. And for more than 25 years Daniel was an executive (sales, marketing, Director of Operations, COO) in some of the biggest global companies (FMCG, electronic industry, logistics and airport services). He has trained and coached countless teams within sales and marketing, production and customer service, logistics and security operations.

Daniel is also invited in schools and universities all over the world, teaching children and students specific techniques of emotional intelligence and mindfulness that is helping them to be conscious and aware of the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting the world around them.

Kostas Kostopoulos, Film Director, Coach, N.L.P. Practitioner

Kostas has been teaching and training actors and directors both in governments and private schools, passing on his knowledge and 30-year experience while combing modern, practical Coaching and Neuro-linguistic programming tools. He directed over 1500 successful television shows. He has also been involved in the theatre.

Currently he is involved with the development of a revolutionary actor training method of interactive theatre utilizing the combination of cinema and theatre in the development of the person’s spirituality and personal and self-improvement.

Agathi Christodoulidi, BA in Political Science, LLB

Agathi is one of the world’s high performance coaches, consultants and trainers. Having studied Political Science and Law in the UK, she then worked in the legal profession as a legal consultant. In parallel she has been training and empowering people  in their personal and business life and advising them on how to improve their health and overall well-being. Her training focuses on reducing stress, improving performance, enhancing decision making and communication skills with evidence based techniques that have been proven to be highly effective.

Agathi has helped hundreds of people accomplish their goals, while helping them get more out of life. Agathi is constantly invited at schools and universities to teach students how to cope in the future competitive environment.

Zlatko Kanda, Intuitive Psychologist

Zlatko Kanda is an operating worldwide intuitive psychologist, who has inspired many people internationally in organizing, managing and balancing their careers and personal lives. The unique and simple way of his approach has assisted people in remaining effective, efficient and focused on their goals and priorities. His passion for consulting has brought him to many countries around the world where he has had the opportunity to give workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions. He appeared on Dutch TV and several radio stations in Holland, Cyprus and United States.

Zlatko is dedicated to helping you no matter in which process you are, to reach the maximum of your potential with the use of your strongest capabilities and bring forth the best version of yourself and your company. Mainly, he provides a set of tools to help people in social skills, behavior patterns, and emotional intelligence. Zlatko offers personal coaching and consultations for businesses.

Manos Psaroudakis, MCIPD

Manos brings a vast experience in Human Resources, Training and Coaching in the EMEA region. Having worked with multinationals in Switzerland, Cyprus and the UK, Manos offers courses in Happiness in the Workplace, Positive Psychology, NLP and Career Coaching.

He is a Chartered Member of CIPD with an MA in Human Resources Management. Being very positive by nature and bringing a lot of enthusiasm to his training, he helps transform teams and individuals to the positive.

Karen Jackson, DipBSoM  AptEd  QCF BTAA MAR

Karen is an experienced international public speaker and trainer on wellbeing. She started out studying how our bodies work on a structural, emotional and psychological level and thereafter ran empowering adult meditation courses. Karen’s ethos is to bestow the tools for a better life. Her main aim is to enable clients to clear their core challenges and free them to enjoy their lives more.

Latterly, Karen has moved into the education sector, running Mindful Meditation classes in schools and colleges. Mindful Meditation proven to aid: cognitive and social skills, optimism, test results, sports performance and heightened emotional intelligence – the one key factor big corporations look for in their CEO’s.
Possessing a high emotional intelligence level coupled with a calming persona, Karen facilitates deep relaxation and profound results with her clients.

Demetra Teresa Tsakiroglou, PGDip in Business Administration

Specializing in Office Administration, Customer-Service, Performance Management and People Management, Demetra holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde and has more than 20 years of working experience in multinational Pharmaceutical, Textile, Time-Sharing, Fashion, Law, Insurance and Investment companies, working closely with Senior Executives, Board of Directors, as well as employees.Her working experience has allowed her to extensively familiarize herself with the operations of these companies, from bottom to top and from top to bottom, formulate and implement Internal Regulations, HR Policies & Procedures, as well as Employee Handbooks, train the management and employees in Performance Management and successfully act as a liaison and negotiator between the management team and the staff or third parties in human resources matters.


Chris Cheung, B.Com. in Accounting and Finance, B.Sc. in Information and Systems, C.A.

Chris has always been passionate about finding the most effective and efficient ways of nurturing personal development to reach higher performance levels. This passion led to Chris creating a career that would involve much advising, coaching and mentoring to individuals, teams and organizations. For more than 10 years Chris has worked as in audit, advisory, consulting and in management roles.

Chris has successfully lead the establishment and integration of multiple complex and large scale accounting and finance operations. These include operations for new subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, new products and new operating environments. Chris has successfully lead re-engineering projects to turn inefficient teams into centres of operational excellence.

Chris’ success was founded largely on his inter-personal skills that he gained whilst working for an Internet Helpdesk in the early 2000’s. Chris spoke to over than 30,000 different people, understanding different interpretations of customer problems and conveying back difficult themes in layman terms to resolve Internet and computer problems.

Chris has two Bachelor degrees, a B.Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance and a B.Science degree in Information Systems. Chris is also a Chartered Accountant. Chris is a passionate artist. He has an Associate Diploma of Music in piano.

Dana Burghel, B.Sc Mathematics and Economics

Dana is a renowned international trainer and coach. She trained multinational companies (Executive & Team Coaching and Life Coaching) and individuals. Dana is an expert in coaching sport teams too. Actually Dana is the only Best Year Yet franchisee in Romania and also the only Romanian coach that won Gold and Silver medals together with famous sports teams.
She studied Psychology and Human Resources and has 20+ years’ experience in these areas.

Doug Lowe, B.Sc. Mathematics

With over 30 years’ experience in the software industry in executive and consulting roles for Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, Doug is also an expert in business process and quality management. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in quality and an experienced leader in quality improvement, training and coaching executives in strategic thinking.

Doug is an RYT200 certified yoga instructor with a decade of training and teaching many aspects of yoga, and the owner of Kindred Spirit Connections offering yoga in spectacular nature settings. Since 2011 he is also the owner of the JaYOGA Center for Yoga in Innsbruck Austria, where he currently resides and teaches.  Doug enjoys creating group experiences for True Nature Yoga in outdoor settings such as Colorado, his former home.

In addition to teaching yoga classes and workshops in Austria, Doug provides coaching in meditation and addiction recovery and leads long-term group practices in these areas. Doug has also developed Genius Yoga, a unique way of quickly bringing the mind and body into relaxing harmony, and he continues to evolve and teach this in his yoga courses.

Anne Le Floch, BSBA in Finance, MBA in International Business

Born and raised in Japan for 10 years, Anne is a multicultural person who has also studied, lived and worked in France, Spain, Austria and in the USA. She is fluent in English, French and German.   In France she completed her Baccalauréat and DEUST in Banking. She received her BSBA in Finance with honors from Northeastern University, Boston and then her MBA from the University of San Diego, California.

She has worked internationally in the USA, France, Spain in customer relations and worked for 14 years as an international sales manager for a major textile firm in Austria. She was a co-owner and founder of the JaYOGA Center in Innsbruck Austria where she resides with her two sons, her partner and two cats.

As an opera singer for several years, she now teaches others to sing. She is also very active in the healing arts and completed the three year advanced program with Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Her objective in life is to help to empower people through healing and training to reach their highest potential of happiness in this life, and she lives her vision with values of respect, kindness and love.

Luke Sellars, Ontological Consultant, Spiritual Guide, Internal Performance Specialist, Speaker, Meditation Instructor.

Luke Sellars is a Certified Coach Practitioner and Ontological Consultant committed to supporting and guiding his clients in the discovery of their ‘true self,’ helping them transform their lives and achieve high levels of personal, financial and social success.  Utilizing a deep, spiritual connection and a profound love for humanity, Luke introduces his clients to the limitless potential of what life can be when you connect your heart to your brain; a life that extends beyond the limits of our belief patterns and re-unites us with our most natural way of being.

Luke takes a mind-body-heart-soul approach to coaching, drawing on extensive training in mental, emotional and spiritual practices, as well as a 10 year professional hockey career in the National, American, and European Hockey Leagues. His background in fitness, nutrition and functional medicine helps him guide his clients to complete well-being. In addition to individual coaching, Luke leads meditation and well-being workshops, as well as leadership and team development programs. Using his training as a team dynamics facilitator, he regularly speaks for groups, executive teams and schools.

Luke’s light-hearted and compassionate approach to working with clients and executive teams creates a joyful experience of transformation, while erasing the boundaries of what once seemed impossible.

Tine Larsen

Tine Larsen work as a therapist, life coach, teacher and motivational speaker internationally 70 % of her time and as a product developer at her own company the rest of her time. She is frequently hired for motivation seminars and workshops for businesses, both government and private. She is the founder and owner of The Embrace Life center in Norway which focuses on helping others to find optimal health and their path in life.

The Embrace Life center has four departments, all working to spread knowledge of, and insight into, natural health. “The complementary medicine center” offers a variety of natural therapies. “The Embrace Life competence center” offers several workshops, seminars and courses with international speakers and teachers.
“The Vardnes herb farm” focuses upon producing pure eco-friendly plants for their own product label in plant medicine, skincare, tea, spices, oils, berries and more. They also have guesthouses for rent. Finally, “Løvetanna (the Dandelion store and café)” is where you can buy Vardnes herb farms organic products and food. Tine’s vision has always been to help people and animals to optimum health – physically, mentally and spiritually.
In 2013 she therefore developed the” Kaleidoscope Energy Medicine Program ©” For those who want to learn how to work with the purest form of energy. She has also developed the “Embrace Nature Phytotherapy program ©,” “Breath meditation workshop” and “food for health workshops (12 in all)”.
Tine is native Norwegian and divides her time in Norway, Senja/Oslo and in UK, London.

Susan Chan

Susan is the Founder of “Tao Life Wisdom Group” and “Flower of Life Education Platform” in China, the partner of “Cloud Fortune Management LLC” in United State.

She was in the exclusive board of China’s first listed group, one of China business negotiation on behalf the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, served and as a number of international large project executor, corporate strategic investment, capital operation and resource integration consultant.

She become a public speaker in 2010, focus on spread and delicates life wisdom. At the same time, she is core volunteer of Cherished Dream Foundation for fund development; She is member of The International Lions Club served in China Guangdong branch, and was one of founder for project of “Lion Love Dream Center”.

Susan was born in a scholarly family of intellectuals, her childhood was fulfilled by traditional CHINESE culture and influence of education, when she graduated from university and after 25 years of international career experience.