We met thousands of great people. We met great creators, like Steve Jobs and architect Gabriele Rossi, or great motivational speakers, like Dr. Wayne Dyer. We met pioneers and innovators like Dr. Bertrand Piccard and explorers like astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

We wrote just some of the names here but the list is much bigger. We learnt from all of them to go beyond our limits. We learnt the power of creativity. That makes our team different. We do not teach concepts; we build experiences that helps companies and people to go beyond their boundaries. We do not teach theories; we assist teams to reduce their pressures and tensions.

When we met first time Bertrand Piccard, we knew that we are going to be part of one of the biggest environmental projects in the world: SOLAR IMPULSE.
Bertrand Piccard, United Nation Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador, Chairman and Pilot of SOLAR IMPULSE, is flying not just the most extraordinary airplane ever built on this planet, an airplane that uses just solar power, but he is flying something more than that: a message for future generations, a message that shows that we can go beyond our limits and do unbelievable things. Motivate Yourself team is proud to train Bertrand Piccard and SOLAR IMPULSE team in this great adventure.

Agathi,-Bertrand-and-Daniel-web  Daniel, Agathi and SI TEAM Hawaii training Apr 8, 2016

Lilou Macé is our friend and inspiration. She has interviewed hundreds of authors, speakers and scientists from all over the world about the art of creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Her TV website has more than 42 million video views.  Lilou invited Daniel Mitel, co-founder of Motivate Yourself, in front of the audience at the Theatre des Feux de la Rampe in Paris, where Daniel shared his experience. 

Lilou 1  Lilou 2

We are proud to train one of the best architectural teams in the world: Gabriele Rossi and his team from Archilab. Gabriele and his team produced some architectural wonders all over the world.

IMG_2561  12371144_1660738074209150_5770516880057078962_o

Our team was delighted to be invited at Trust Human Academy, in Istanbul, by its founder, the famous author and motivational speaker, Metin Hara. His books are best sellers in Turkey and he is invited to train and have conferences about self development in some for the best companies in the world.

METIN_HARA-D_955-KB  12809704_10153505114279142_5925625092190182052_n

Some of Motivate Yourself’s team attended astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s conferences, the sixth man on the Moon, and learnt a lot about the power of the mind. As the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Far Mauro Highlands region. Edgar explained to us how much it meant for him to be balanced and harmonized when he was at almost 400,000 km away from the Earth.

edgar-mitchell-pic  Edgar M on the moon

Working with Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of the best motivational speakers in the world meant a lot for us. Wayne’s book, Your Erroneous Zone (1976), was one of the best-selling books of all time helping thousands of people to motivate themselves towards a better life.

Dr.-Wayne-Dyer-520  Dr Wayne D

Nick Vujicic is one of the best motivational speakers in he world. He is a man with no limbs who teaches people how to get up. His work inspires us to be better and better. Nick Vujicic shows us that indeed, we can go beyond our limits and create unbelievable things.

Nick_Vujicic_at_the_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting,_Davos,_Switzerland_-_20110130  nick-vujicic-promo