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With HeartMath® interventions:

  • increase staff retention

  • improve client satisfactionInstitute of HeartMath Logo.001

  • enhance communications

  • boost employee morale

  • enhance team performance at both staff and leadership levels

  • reduce costs significantly


Resilience, optimal performance, fulfilment and health

are grounded in the intelligent management

of energy expenditures and the ability to renew energy


With HeartMath® technology we can train

your managers and employees to self-monitor,

achieve personal coherence and increase mental clarity.

heartmath4 Topics:


– Strategies for Building Up Resilience

– Energy Drains / Depleting and Renewing Emotions

– Physiology of Coherence / Coherence Techniques

– Relational Energetics / Communication Skills

– Practical Intuition

– HeartMath Technology/ EmWave2 and Inner Balance

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