Energy Management and Emotional Intelligence became one of the most important subject in the busy and hectic business environment nowadays. People who are working day to day in stressful conditions need a way to harmonize and balance themselves.

Experts from all over the world, famous medical schools (Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Stanford University) and well-known institutions (Institute of HeartMath) are speaking about a direct relationship between balance and peace of mind and the way that we manage our energy and emotions.

In each successful company there is a growing awareness of the importance of our emotional fitness.

“Success and failure are emotional and physiological experiences. We need to deal with them in a way that is present and calm.”

Chade-Meng Tan, Head of Mindfulness Training at Google.

Every year, thousands of Googlers take one of a dozen company courses on mindfulness meditation, the increasingly prevalent practice of having a “balanced awareness” of what’s happening around you

I know this sounds melodramatic,” a Google employee reported on an after-course examination, “but I really think this course changed my life.”

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