HeartMath Training Benefits:

  • 44% participants reported less stress
  • 50% had a drop in fatigue
  • 50% had better cognitive function
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 25% improvement in listening ability
  • 30% improvement in sleep

Stress Management Training benefits:

  • Better stability and positive thinking
  • Maintained composure during challenges
  • Improved family and social harmony

Emotional Intelligence and Energy Management benefits:

  • 65% of participants reported increased creativity and focus
  • 60% improved problem solving skills and effective decision making
  • 50% gained a more balanced perspective of events that happened in their life

Sport Teams and Individuals Training benefits:

  • Maintaining calmness in the middle of the competition
  • Stability and peace of mind in order to achieve the results
  • Successful life away from competition as well

Education Training benefits

  • Social Competence
  • Emotional Stability & Psychosocial Functioning
  • Appropriately self-regulate feelings and emotions

Beyond the Limits…The Power of Creativity benefits:

  • Release your individual and team’s creative potential
  • Learn to stay on the top of your game using your innovative power
  • Become proficient in influencing others creativity